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“Live like a Champion.” This means, be dedicated to living out a principled life on the  field, in the classroom, among your peers, and within your families. To be excellent in one area, you must strive to be excellent in all areas of life.


At Chandler Sports Association, we are dedicated to training players in a well-rounded and fundamental way, encouraging them to become leaders among their peers. We utilize creative coaching tactics to integrate sports training with our philosophy and core values.

Code of Conduct

The CSA in an effort to promote good sportsmanship, values and ideals have adopted a zero tolerance for any violation of the below listed Players Code of Conduct and Ethics. It is of the utmost importance to instill the proper behavior and sportsmanship necessary to have a fair and fun sporting experience for all players involved. Any appeals to the sanctions imposed will be reviewed by the CSA Coordinator and the Baseball or Softball Liaison.


  1. Play by the rules and follow all Park Rules. Rules are for your safety and enjoyment of the game.

  1. Never argue with an official. If you disagree, have your coach approach the official during a break or after the game.

  1. Control you temper. Verbal abuse of officials, other players, coaches or parents are not acceptable or permitted behavior in any sport.

  1. No foul language or fighting will ever be permitted on or off the field at anytime.

  1. Work equally hard for yourself and/or your team. Your team’s performance will benefit and so will you.

  1. Be a good sport. Cheer all good plays and never make fun of injuries that occur.

  1. Treat all players as you would like to be treated. Do not bully or take unfair advantage of another player.

  1. Cooperate with your coach, team-mates and opponents. Without them there would be no games.

  1. Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit, not just to please parents and coaches.

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all players regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

  1. Any player, parent, family member, umpire or coach that posts on social media any comments that are critical or derogatory of the CSA, CSA’s administrators, the City of Chandler, another player, parent, family member, umpire or coach of CSA, may be banned from participating or attending any further league activities.

If a player is removed from a game or otherwise notified by a CSA Board member that they have violated the Players Code of Conduct and Ethics, that person shall provide a written statement describing his/her version of the events and /or other explanation to the CSA Board within twenty-four hours of the incident or notification. He/she may not participate in any game or practice until doing so.

In the event that the League is notified of a violation of the above guidelines, the CSA Board will conduct an investigation of the facts consisting of interviews with those involved. The CSA Board shall review the statements and gather any other information from other parties that they may deem necessary to determine if a further penalty should be assessed. The person accused of the violation will be notified of the decision from the Board in writing within one week of the final hearing.

It is not the intent of the CSA to limit the growth or development or any player, coach, or official within the program. It is with this in mind that we feel firm guidelines, on which our coaches, officials, players and parents can rely, will encourage an attitude of good sportsmanship and mutual respect that will serve them well in this area and other areas of their lives. With all your help these actions will never need to be imposed.

Registration in CSA and team placement indicates that they have received, read, understood and will abide by the CSA Code of Conduct and Ethics. Failure to abide by this form will prevent child from participating in the CSA.

The Board reserves the right to revise the Players Code of Conduct and Ethics at any time.

CSA DRaft Rules

1. All team drafts shall be conducted according to CSA and TTAB rules.

2. The drafting system used shall be open board drafting.

3. Each team within an age division is entitled to reserve or protect up to three players with written consent of the player’s parent or custodian.

4. The children of head coaches and any assistant coach actively participating in the draft of a team must be counted as a reserve or protected player of that team. The first reserve players listed in the draft order will be the children of the head coach followed by the children of any assistant coach.

5. All reserve or protected players must have a reserve/protected player form, completed and signed by a parent or guardian, before reserve/protected status will be granted. This includes the children of coaches.

6. A reserve/protected player may be released from a team by mutual consent of the coach, parent, and relevant Vice-President, but must re-enter draft as an unprotected player if still in same age division. The reserve player release form must be signed by the coach, parent, and relevant Vice-President and must be submitted prior to the registration deadline.

7. If a team already has the maximum number of reserve players and a coach’s child would, in effect, make a fourth reserve player, the team must release a reserve player to make room for the coach’s child. The reserve player released will be the last reserve player in the previous draft order not the child of a coach. The released player must be placed back in the draft. The released player is available to be reserved by another team. The player released can be redrafted by the team that released him, if he has not been reserved by another team. In addition, the first available draft pick of the offending team shall be skipped and filled with the last player in the draft.

8. A player may also be released from reserve status due to cause, but only with approval of the CSA Board. Cause is defined as any situation arising that justifies a release from protected status regardless of the consent of the coach or parent. The CSA Board must also decide if a player released for cause is available for protected status on another team based on the circumstances surrounding the release.

9. A player shall remain the property of the same team as long as the team remains intact within the same age division and said player does not promote to the subsequent age division. Any unprotected player may re-enter the draft for any reason. A player wishing to re-enter the draft must so indicate on the player’s registration form. Otherwise, the player will remain with the same team. The CSA Coordinator, must be contacted by a parent prior to draft to correct an indication to re-enter the draft on a registration form.

10. A parental request not to be drafted by a particular team or coach must have a valid reason and be approved by the CSA Boardprior to draft.

11. If a team’s head coach and all assistant coaches promote to the next age division or discontinue coaching, then all players on that team must return to the draft and are available for reserved status on a new team as long as all rules relating to reserve or protected status are followed.

12. The CSA Board will administer and monitor each divisional draft to insure that all league and draft rules and practices are followed and enforced.

13. Prior to the beginning of player selection, the number of teams and players per team will be announced. All teams will draw a number to determine the drafting order. All reserved players and protected players already assigned to a team will be stricken from the available player list. Discussion will be kept to a minimum. Players will be selected from the available player list by number and name. No outside communications are allowed during draft unless deemed necessary by the draft administrator. All phones or other communication devices will be placed on the table and turned off.

14. The team with the fewest unprotected players and, then, the lowest drafting order number will begin the round. When all teams have the same number of unprotected players, selection will be by drafting order only. In the event a team is drafted prior to the assignment of a coach, a.k.a. a ghost team, it will draft according to draft .

15. No team shall have more than 8 of the oldest players allowed in any division of play. If a returning team has more than 8 returning players in the oldest age group, the last player drafted will be the first to return to the draft.

16. NO PLAYER TRADES ARE PERMITTED. This is a TTA rule and cannot be modified or changed by CSA.


17. All players are expected to play for the team that drafts them. The CSA Board is charged with protecting the integrity of the draft. Any attempt to manipulate the draft or to otherwise “stack” teams through any means other than set forth in these rules can, at the discretion of the CSA Board, result in the removal or suspension of the offending coach, player, parent, or official.

18. No refunds will be granted to players who refuse to play for the team who drafted them without just cause and approval of the CSA Board.

19. Failure to follow any of these rules can result in penalties, including but not limited to, forfeiture of draft selection turn, removal from draft location, or other penalty as decided by CSA Board members present.


Chandler Sports Associationis extremely grateful for the support of the generous families, fans and businesses in our community! Your financial contributions, and hours of service, are so important to the success of this league.

If you are interested in supporting our organization, please contact MAnding@chandlertx.com


Last year, we experienced a significant loss in the Chandler Sport Association. David Cornelius, a key member, played a crucial role in establishing Triple Play Sports in Athens. He was known for his kindness and generosity, always volunteering to ensure that children had the opportunity to participate in sports.

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