Slide into fun! Youth baseball are exciting sports combining team play and individual skills. Every child plays at least half of every game while making friends and learning new techniques, designed to teach young players the fundamentals of the game. Youth Baseball players learn through baseball drills how to catch, throw and bat in a fun team atmosphere that will carry over to nurture team building as well as individual development, a positive self-image and a sense of fair play and mutual respect for others.


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Skills Day - March 3rd

Draft Day - March 5th

Rules and regulations

Please find below the links to the rulebooks that the Association will adhere to for the sport.


League Rules–Baseball

1. All Baseball league officials, coaches, parents, and players shall abide by league and TTAB rules. If any league rule or policy is found to conflict with a rule of TTAB then the TTAB rule will supersede the league rule.

2. As the highest ruling authority of CSA, the Coordinator shall make rulings that interpret and apply the rules and policies of CSA to any circumstances or situations not directly addressed in the rules and policies of CSA. These rulings shall be made in the spirit of existing rules and policies of CSA and may be appealed to the CSA Board.

3. The Coordinator, Baseball Liaison, CSA Board members, and umpires are collectively and individually charged with enforcing and applying the rules and policies of CSA and TTAB and are authorized to take such actions as necessary to fulfill this charge.

4. Any refunds requested by parents of registered players must be made prior to draft. All refund requests must be for a valid reason and must be approved by the CSA Board. No refunds will be granted after draft.

5. ALCOHOL, PROFANITY, INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR, VERBAL ABUSE, FIGHTING, OR INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION of city property or league equipment will not be tolerated and upon investigation, the individual is subject to removal from City property, criminal charges, and suspension from the park and league functions for a period of two weeks to lifetime. Any appeals to the sanctions imposed will be reviewed by the CSA Coordinator and the Baseball or Softball Liaison.

a. Any CSA Board member or umpire may request the violating individual to leave the park. If the individual refuses, the police will be called to escort the individual from City property.

b. If the individual violating these provisions is a league official, umpire, or CSA Board member, their status as such carries no weight, they are subject to the authority of any subordinate authority present.

c. Nothing in these provisions prevents the City of Chandler from enforcing their laws and regulations in any way they see fit.

6. According to Chandler City Ordinance, Winchester Park is a non-smoking facility.

7. The Coordinator, Baseball Liaison, or any CSA Board member is authorized to call, postpone, or suspend any game due to weather. Any umpire is authorized to temporarily suspend a game due to weather. If 1st inning is not complete and the game is suspended due to weather, the game will restart at a later date. If the 1st inning is completed and the game is suspended due to weather, the game will continue at a later date.

8. There is no limit on team sponsorships. Parents are responsible for furnishing complete uniforms.

9. TTAB rules for innings played, maximum runs allowed per inning, mercy rule, and all other game rules will apply to all age divisions in CSA. However, the Coordinator and the Baseball Liaison can agree together to set time limits, run limits, etc. less than the maximum allowed by TTAB for the regular season as deemed necessary.

10. All TTAB t-ball teams shall follow the free substitution rule where teams will bat their entire roster and are allowed unlimited substitutions during regular season games except when playing at another league’s facility. When at another league’s facility, teams will follow local rules. The remaining TTAB boy’s baseball divisions may allow free substitution if both team’s coaches are in agreement before the start of the game. When using the free substitution rule, the last batted out may enter the game for an injured player (using the last batted out will insure the substitute will not come up in the lineup while on base) or the last player out will serve as the designated runner for the injured. A player lost to injury while following this rule will not be an automatic out in the batting order as long as nine players remain on the order.

11. In the event that a child refuses to play, the coach of his team must first speak to the parents of the child and explain the situation and rules applicable. The coach should then abide by the wishes of the parent. If the decision is made not to play, the coach should inform the opposing coach, scorekeeper, and the umpire of the situation.

12. All games must start with at least 8 players. If a team only has 8 players when a game begins, the team must take an out each time the ninth batter is up to bat. If the ninth player arrives late, he may enter the game as soon as he arrives and must fill the ninth slot in the batting order. A team without 8 players must forfeit the game.

13. Coaches must play all players at least three outs in the field and have one at bat in each league game. This is mandatory and failure to do so will result in the immediate review by the appropriate Board members and may result in the forfeit of the game and a one game suspension for the head coach

14. Game time is forfeit time.

15. The umpire will discipline a player in the manner that is appropriate as an official based upon the severity of the players’ conduct during the game. (Remember we are molding young lives.)

16. Any and all protests must be made to the Protest Committee. The Protest Committee will consist of the Coordinator, Baseball Liaison, and the Chief Umpire. Protests must be made in writing by the coaches within 24 hours of the game played. A $50.00 fee for the protest must be submitted along with the written document. Decisions of the Protest may be appealed to the CSA Board. If any member of the Protest Committee is the protesting coach or involved in the protest, then the protest will go directly to the CSA Board. If protest is upheld, $50.00 fee will be refunded.

17. Playoff teams are allowed by TTAB to pick three additional players each. The picks will be alternating with the first place coach picking first.

18. Any CSA Board member involved in or affected by a dispute, issue, or protest or reasonably seen to have a conflict of interest shall attend the Board meeting but shall be recused from voting.

19. The Coordinator shall conduct all CSA Board meetings and CSA membership meetings. The CSA will be recused from voting except to break ties. In the absence of the Coordinator, a majority of the CSA Board members present shall select one of the Baseball or Softball Liaisons to fill the duties of the Coordinator. Should the Coordinator become incapacitated or otherwise have to vacate the office, the CSA Board shall elect one of the Liaisons to fill the office for the remaining term.

20. The Coordinator may delegate or assign responsibilities as needed to any CSA Board member or other CSA member for the purpose of accomplishing the normal operations of the league.

21. If the first game of the evening (also second game if three games are scheduled) ends up in a tie, the game will go into one extra inning. If the game is still a tie, then the game will be suspended and rescheduled at the first available date. If the last game of the evening ends in a tie after regular play, then the game will go into extra innings until the tie is broken.

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